Tonymoly Clean Dew Lemon Foam Cleanser & 2 x I'M Lemon Masks.


Clean Dew Lemon Foam Cleanser - Give your skin a fresh cleanse with our Clean Dew Foam Cleanser for clean, healthy skin that glows like morning dew! Featuring key ingredients that target different skin concerns, our foam cleansers provide a rich lather and a gentle cleanse, making this perfect to use every day!

I'M Lemon Mask - The 3-layer pulp sheet is filled with natural ingredients and soaked in different types of enriched essence (Water-type, Micro-Emulsion Type, Milky Lotion Type) to yield maximum hydration for your skin. Transform dull and tired skin into healthy, moisturized skin in as little as 20 minutes!

I'M Lemon Brightening Set