Ultimate Mask Set of May Bundle


This bundle includes:

1. Tony Lab AC Control Spot Patch 12patches X 1

2. Tako Pore Charcoal Clear Mask Sheet 20ml X1

3. I'M Makgeoli Mask Sheet 21ml X 1

4. I'M Tomato Mask Sheet 21ml X 1

5. I'M Seaweed Mask Sheet 21ml X 1

6. I'M Broccoli Mask Sheet 21ml X 1

7. I'M Peach Mask Sheet 21ml X 1

8. Dr Logy Sensitive Mask 23g X 1

9. Dr Logy Vita Lifting Mask 23g X 1

10. Dr Logy Blemish Mask 23g X 1

11. Dr Logy Moisture Mask 23g X 1

12. Master Lab Snail Mucin 18g X 1

13. Master Lab Hyaluronic Acid Mucin 18g X 1

14. Master Lab Collagen Mucin 18g X 1

15. Master Lab Vitamin C Mucin 18g X 1

17. Fresh To Go Pumpkin Mask 20g X 1

18. Fresh To Go Coconut Mask 20g X 1


Total value at $99!

*Limited stock

They may be changed or double-ups we are out of stock in any range


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